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Billing Support


ACG provides 24×7 call coverage at the Customer Service and Repair number below for the report of any service-related fault or issue. On-call technicians are available 24×7×365.

ACG's Customer Service and Repair:
1.877.558.3514 option Support

Billing Inquiries:
1.877.558.3514 option Billing. alternatively you may reach us via email at billing@acg.ca

Hours of Operation:

  • CSR: 24 × 7 EST (excepting some major holidays)
  • On Call: 24 × 7 × 365 EST
  • Billing: 8am – 5pm EST Monday – Friday

Resolution to service effecting issues should be initiated by opening a Repair Ticket. When reporting a problem, please provide the following information:

  • Customer contact name and call back number (or email)
  • Account Number
  • The site Main Billing Telephone Number (BTN)
  • Customer Name and site address
  • Description of trouble
  • Trouble start time
  • Circuit ID (or phone number)